Month: June 2015

Shrimp Stir Fry

Hi everyone! Here’s an extremely simple and delicious shrimp stir fry recipe. Since I use pre-cooked shrimp, which you can get at the grocery store, this recipe […]

“Doughnut” Apple Rings

These aren’t doughnuts, but they definitely remind me of them. An incredibly healthier version of them! They’re apple slices frosted with a Greek yogurt and […]

Healthy Brownies Recipe

Desserts (especially ones that contain chocolate) are my weakness. I’ve been looking for a healthy brownie recipe for a while now, but I didn’t enjoy […]

Hummus & Tomato on Toast

From Bri Healthy’s Instagram (@bri.healthy) One of my favorite snacks/meals: hummus & tomato on toast! This one’s on a Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat British Muffin, […]