Month: November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving, my family has a tradition of putting out a fruit cup as an appetizer. Usually, it’s the type of canned fruit mixture with […]

Modern Table Meals GIVEAWAY!

I just posted a GIVEAWAY on Bri Healthy’s Instagram (@bri.healthy)! To enter: 1. Make sure you’re following @bri.healthy and @moderntablemeals on Instagram. 2. Like the […]

NYC Juice Crawl

I was scrolling through pictures associated with the Instagram hashtag “#nycfitness” as I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY this past August. I came across a […]

A Healthy Holiday Season

It’s not easy for me to admit that last holiday season, I overindulged so much that I ended up gaining a little weight. Fortunately, with […]