Monday Affirmation: I Am Fully Committed To My Healthy Lifestyle


☀️Monday Affirmation☀️ It can often feel easy to stray off of your healthy lifestyle habits, especially on weekends or special occasions. Sometimes “cheat days” turn into a “cheat week.” No matter what obstacles may come in your way, remind yourself that you are fully committed to your healthy lifestyle. Eating unhealthy foods will not make you feel as amazing as eating healthy ones will. Remember what made you start this healthy lifestyle and use that as your motivation to get back on track. Sure, some days you might prefer a slice of pizza instead of a healthier meal, but save that for your treat day and make healthy choices now. Consistency is key. Remember that you are committed to being healthy and only you can keep yourself on track. You can do this! Say this affirmation out loud to help it become true in your life! 😊❤


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