Monday Affirmation: Eating Healthy Food Makes Me Feel Amazing


☀️Monday Affirmation☀️This weekend, I did my fair share of overindulging in unhealthy foods. I had a few parties to go to and I ended up overeating. Afterward, my stomach felt awful. I did not regret indulging, because that is totally fine now and then, but it reminded me to be more mindful in the future. It showed me again how amazing my body feels when I eat healthy foods. It’s such a noticeable difference when I eat junk versus when I eat clean, unprocessed foods. Some days, you might want to go back to eating less healthy foods every day. But it’s so important to remember how a healthy diet makes you feel. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to. You can do this! Say this affirmation out loud today. Happy Monday! 😊


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