Monday Affirmation: I Am Awesome


When you first start a journey to reach any type of goal, you tend to notice other people around you and their success. It can be easy to begin comparing yourself to others, which makes it easy to get down on yourself and could reduce your confidence and motivation. The most important thing to remember is that you are awesome! You are unique, you are strong, you are incredible. Nobody else in the world is you, and that’s a beautiful thing. Believe in yourself. Think about something that you accomplished that you had once thought was impossible. Recognize your strengths and identify your favorite qualities about yourself. Remember that once you set your mind to a goal, you can achieve it if you stay dedicated and motivated. If your goals include building muscle, losing weight, toning up, you can do it! Say this affirmation out loud to help ensure it becomes your reality. Have a wonderful day and stay positive. Anything is possible!


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