Monday Affirmation: I Am Healthy


☀️Monday Affirmation☀️ Some days, the number on the scale can cloud your mind. You may not be at your goal weight or your desired gains, and realizing this can often lead to a feeling of disappointment. The most important thing to remember in these moments is that you are healthy. Every day, you are working on your body and improving your level of health. You are eating healthy food to nourish your body. Even if you got a little off track for a few days, you’ll get right back to eating nutritious foods. You are exercising and improving your physical health. Even a 30 minute walk has excellent physiological benefits. Don’t forget that you are healthy. You are so strong because you are continuing to improve your health. That’s something to be proud of! Say this affirmation out loud today and help it to become your reality. Happy Monday!


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