Bri Healthy Merchandise – NOW ON SALE!

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I’ve been waiting for so long to reveal this: Bri Healthy officially has an online merchandise shop! I’m so grateful to share this with you. I’ve always wanted to have my own clothing line and my dreams keep coming true! This is the first installment of what will be many releases down the line.



The collection consists of the Bri Healthy logo, my symbolic amaryllis flower, which was designed after my tattoo. I decided that I wanted to get this tattoo as soon as I achieved my weight loss goal because the amaryllis flower symbolizes “success won over a struggle.” Now, you can embrace the amaryllis flower’s power and apply it to your own goals.



Use the amaryllis as your own motivating force. Wear a Bri Healthy tank while working out (it makes for excellent gym selfies!). Track your water intake by drinking out of an amaryllis-emblazoned water bottle. Get cozy in a BH hoodie. Like I always say, anything is possible. The amaryllis is a constant reminder that that’s true! Go ahead, represent!


Click here to shop the collection!


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