Monday Affirmation: My Favorite Part of My Body is My _____


Today’s affirmation requires your own personal input! Body image is something that constantly fluctuates. Sometimes I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking that I look like I gained weight, but then I’ll look a minute later and I think I look like I lost weight. Self-image is something that many health and fitness folks struggle with. I’m not proud to admit it, but ever since my weight loss journey, my own body image has been ever-changing. I’m much kinder to myself nowadays, but when I lost weight, it was so easy to look at certain parts of my body (for example, my arms, which still have a little bit of loose skin) and dislike them. To a certain degree, I’m still a bit self-conscious of my arms. But anytime I feel discouraged about them, I remember how far I’ve come and I remind myself that since they are a part of me, they are beautiful. I used to hate my belly. Since I used to clock in at over 300 pounds, after all the weight loss, I still have a bit of a belly. I used to be extremely insecure about it and it was my least favorite part of myself. See those words – “least favorite part” of myself? Phrases like those should be banned from our vocabularies. Over the years, I’ve grown to love my belly. I think it’s cute and it’s a symbol of how far I’ve come on my weight loss journey. It is so important to remember to love our bodies. Society’s pressures to look “perfect” are unattainable and honestly so ridiculous. Our bodies are like clay. We can constantly work to mold them, and although sometimes they may not be perfect, we must acknowledge that they are a work in progress, and that they are beautiful through it all. It’s crucial to speak positive statements about our bodies, because that shapes our realities. That’s why for today’s affirmation, I want you to pick one (or hopefully multiple) body part(s) that you sometimes struggle with appreciating. I want you to say this affirmation and fill in that blank space in it. My favorite parts of my body are my arms and my belly! My ultimate favorite parts of my body are my legs and my booty though. And my face too! Start using positive language about yourself. If saying that these parts are your favorite feels too artificial, change it to “A part of my body that I love is my ______.” Anything positive you say about yourself helps make you a happier person. Say this affirmation to help it become true in your life! Have a wonderful Monday!


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