Monday Affirmation: I Am Working on Being the Best Version of Myself


Every day that we make healthy choices, whether it be cooking a healthy dinner instead of ordering greasy takeout meals, or deciding to exercise instead of staying home, has a positive impact on our lives. These decisions influence our mindsets, along with our habits, which continue to grow with every single choice. If you choose to exercise for three days in a row, you’re more likely to work out on the fourth day, since you’ve made a habit out of it. In the moment, bringing yourself to the gym might not seem like an enormous accomplishment, but creating these productive habits bring bigger achievements over time. I call these positive decisions “small victories” because they are much more important than you may think. Every action you take toward your goals is what helps you to achieve them. Think about if Beyoncé had known she was capable of singing, but didn’t practice often. The fact that she worked at it constantly is the reason why she became the incredible star she is today. Every single one of us has those star qualities within us. As long as we choose to complete our small victories, we are working on becoming the best versions of ourselves. Every step toward a goal is exactly that: one step closer. Even if you aren’t exactly where you want to be today, love yourself, remind yourself how capable, strong, and incredible you are, and keep striving to be the best version of you. Just remember, you’re awesome always, regardless of where you are in your journey, and yes, you can do this. Say this affirmation out loud to help it become true in your life. Have a beautiful Monday!


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