7 Essential Fitness Products That Will Improve Your Workout Experience

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I discovered my passion for fitness during my 150-pound weight loss journey. When I first purchased my gym membership, I was a bit unsure of where to start, but I hopped on an elliptical machine, jumped into using the strength training circuit machines, and learned as I went. Over the years, I’ve gained so much more knowledge about the best practices during any bout of exercise. I grew passionate enough about it that I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for more than two years now. I love immersing myself into the world of fitness and increasing my knowledge of the best products, sportswear, and post-workout nutrition that I can find. I created this post to show you what some of my favorites are so you can learn about them and purchase them for yourself, your friends, or your family (or all of the above)!

These are seven of my fitness essentials that I almost never go without. This is a completely honest list: these are all products that I use on an every-workout basis. These products are tried and true and I firmly believe in their quality. I am not currently sponsored by any of these companies either, I just genuinely want to showcase some awesome products from one fit gal to you! Each product contains a link to purchase through Amazon, which always has amazing deals and great prices. Check them out and let me know how you like them!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

1. Camelbak Water Bottle

Camelbak water bottles are an absolute staple in my everyday life. The Chute cap style is my favorite because you only have to turn it halfway to open or close it, which is super easy to do between workout sets. Sometimes my water bottle will get knocked over at the gym, but it doesn’t leak because of this system. They come in a bunch of fun colors and they also help the environment by reducing plastic water bottle waste. Get yours here!

2. Nike Free Training Sneakers

I am literally obsessed with these sneakers. I’ve had the same pair for years now and I still wear them during almost every workout (only exceptions: when I’m wearing my other pair of Nike Free’s or when I’m doing a barefoot workout). They come in a multitude of colors for men and women. They are so incredibly comfortable and they’re super affordable. As you can tell from my above statement, they last a really long time too! Get your pair here!

3. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag

THIS is the gym bag of all gym bags. It’s extremely spacious, they have a ton of cute colors and designs, and they are extremely fashionable. In NYC, you’ll see at least one Herschel Supply Co. bag for every 10 people you see. The best part: there is a shoe compartment! A place that is specifically designated for your gym shoes so they’re separate from your clothes and other belongings! I love my Herschel bag and I highly recommend these, whether they’re for you or a gift for someone special. Get yours here!

4. Theraband Resistance Bands

I first used these at my physical therapist’s office when I was working on my tight IT bands and painful hip flexor. He had me perform various exercises with these, including clamshells and lateral walks, to strengthen my gluteus medius (your medium-sized booty muscles). These exercises were not only effective in helping my pain improve, but they helped increase my muscles, therefore increasing the size of my booty! I still use my band multiple times a week and always on leg day. Anyone who’s looking for some booty gains should definitely check out these inexpensive, light bands and keep them in your Herschel Supply Co. bag for a portable glute workout tool! Get your set here!

5. Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

Now I know you’ve heard of Quest Bars before, and you’ve probably heard me talk about how much joy they bring me. But seriously. These have been a post-workout tradition for me since 2013. I rarely go without one after a workout, and when I do, I feel empty inside. They contain 20-21 grams of quickly digestible whey protein and typically between 170-220 calories total. They’re absolutely delicious too! I’ve been eating these as a dessert replacement for a long time as well. I prefer the varieties that do not use sucralose in them (about half of them do), because sucralose is an artifical sweetener with potentially negative health effects, but they’re all so delicious that sometimes I indulge anyway. I can’t rave about these enough. If you haven’t already tried them, you pretty much have to now. Try a variety box here!

6. Apple iPod Shuffle

Here’s a throwback to your younger self! These were so popular when they first came out (especially if you weren’t able to have one of the breakthrough iPods with the revolutionary spinny click wheel). You might not have known that these guys are still alive and kickin’, but now that you’re aware, let me tell you how versatile these are for fitness settings. These are inexpensive (under $50 through Amazon) and you can simply clip it onto any part of your fitness gear and go! They’re lightweight, they’re cute (I have the gold one), and they’re so efficient for workouts; I’m surprised more people aren’t rocking these. Get yours here! 

7. Foam Roller

These are life itself. If you’re not foam rolling and you’re working out often, there’s a good chance your muscles are a bit tight. When used properly, although it might be a bit painful with the pressure, these will get your muscles right in the condition you want them to be in. Whenever I fall off of my consistent foam rolling game, I notice how tight my muscles become. There are countless tutorials online of how to foam roll different parts of your body correctly, so make sure you’re utilizing proper form. Truthfully, I do not have a preferred brand of foam roller, but I’ve never come across an ineffective brand of them. Your gym might already have some of these, but it’s never a bad idea to keep one at home. Whenever I’m feeling sore, I go and foam roll. Get yours here!

Each of these 7 items improves my fitness lifestyle in a different way. To me, all of these are essential to my fitness routine. I hope that you discovered some interesting new products to check out and purchase so you can improve your own exercise regimen! 


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