Brand New Video: How I Lost 150 Pounds

Bri Healthy videos are BACK! Watch the video to learn how I successfully lost 150 pounds!

I’m so happy that I finally invested in a super nice camera (Canon 80D, absolutely incredible quality) and I’m finally making videos again. My YouTube channel is what prompted me to create, which eventually became my main focus. Now, I’m getting back to my original concept while still keeping up with all of the other content I create. I’m just getting back into it, and I know I may be a bit rusty, but that’s okay. We all have to start somewhere! Plus, if you look at all my old videos, you’ll get the chance to see lots of healthy lifestyle tips, information, and me being the cornball that I am.

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It would mean the world to me. Thank you all for your continued support, you truly are the best. Cheers to Bri Healthy videos!

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