Overcoming Emotional Eating: A Conversation with Dr. Rachel Goldman – Episode 1

Emotional eating affects a multitude of people around the world. We have all eaten emotionally at some point in time. I want to help us to conquer it once and for all! Dr. Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., FTOS, a clinical psychologist who specializes in weight management and obesity (among other topics), joined me to offer a multitude of tips to help you overcome emotional eating and take full control over your eating habits.

Dr. Rachel touches upon why we choose certain foods when we eat emotionally, what steps to take instead of proceeding to satisfy our feelings with food, and why opening the fridge and browsing could be more of an issue than we think, plus so much more!

This is the first video in a series that we’re creating and we want to cover exactly what you want to see and learn about. Please leave a comment on this video stating what questions you may have or what topics you would like us to cover. We will be answering your questions in our upcoming videos. Enjoy and remember, you can do this! Anything is possible!

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