“Last-Minute Thanksgiving” (Thanksgiving Show)

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, but this one will be our healthiest ever! In this episode, “Last-Minute Thanksgiving,” I’m showing you how to healthify your holiday! I talk about my philosophy on Thanksgiving eating, plus the health benefits of gratitude. I’ll be whipping up my healthy Southern Style Cornbread recipe right before I show you a pre-turkey workout that only require a mat and 2 dumbbells! Then, I’ll solve viewers’ holiday conundrums one step at a time. Join me in making this our healthiest Thanksgiving yet! Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday, everyone!

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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: http://www.bit.ly/BHThanksgivingMenu

Southern Style Cornbread Recipe: https://brihealthy.com/2016/11/southe…

Mindful Eating Tips Video: http://www.bit.ly/BHMindfulTips

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Fitness Disclaimer: This workout video is provided by Bri Healthy and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. The content in this video is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Bri Healthy and/or Bri Blank Alexander will not be responsible for any harm or injury you may sustain from performing these moves. Any form of exercise may result in injury. By performing these exercise moves, you perform them at your own risk. You should consult your physician before beginning a new workout plan. Thank you for your understanding.

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