New Episode: “Eco-Friendly Spring” (Reducing Food Waste + More Sustainable Tips)

Spring is in full swing (finally!) and Earth Day is right around the corner. In my latest talk show episode, “Eco-Friendly Spring”, I’m showing you SO many easy, sustainable ways to make your life a little bit greener!

In this episode, you will:

  • have the opportunity to enter my Naturgel Easy Greens giveaway, and there will be 3 lucky winners!
  • learn about Sarah Saper, an amazing woman who is doing her part to reduce food waste every day with her #FoodWasteFriday initiative!
  • discover how to use kale stems (an ingredient which may otherwise be thrown out) to make 3 absolutely delicious, simple recipes, developed by Sarah Saper!
  • hear even more easy tips that you can use to help the environment every day!

You definitely won’t want to miss this new episode! Be sure to watch and don’t miss out on the Naturgel giveaway!

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