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What’s it like being in an interracial marriage? Is it challenging? Do you get stares from others in public? Do you have to behave differently in each other’s worlds? Do you have an advantage in understanding the struggles that black people experience every day? Do you feel the need to fight to protect your spouse, especially now?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more TODAY during our very important conversation led by two interracial couples: VJ and me, and Bree Koegel and CJ Koegel, during my regular show slot (2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT). Please join us to be informed and to hear firsthand what it’s like to be in a mixed relationship and the advantages and hardships that come along with it.

We felt that this was a very important conversation to have, especially with everything that’s going on in the world. Whether you’re a person of color or a full-on ally, or someone who is just learning about all of this, we encourage your presence to learn more about how we can best uplift people of color right now, and we encourage people of color to join and share their feelings and experiences as well.

Get a glimpse into our worlds and hear many stories about moments you may not have imagined could ever happen for a married couple. The judgments. The perceived danger. The desire to protect one another in different ways. The hard conversations and the increased awareness that this world just wasn’t made equal for the both of you. And so much more.

On this #blackout day, we are called to allow people of color to share their voices. Today’s conversation will be focused on Bree’s and VJ’s experiences as black people in America, to allow their voices to be heard and their words to be understood.

Join us in solidarity and support today at 2 pm ET. The live will be happening on my (@bri.healthy) and @breekoegel’s pages. Please bring any questions you may have regarding anything about interracial relationships, our experiences, and anything at all, but most importantly, what we can all do to help right now.

We look forward to seeing you today at 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT.

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