Weight Loss Story

Hi, my name is Bri Blank Alexander! I’m a 27-year-old wellness expert and television personality who developed a passion for nutrition and fitness in an unexpected way. Here’s my story:

Before and After

I was overweight my whole life. I grew up eating very unhealthily and frequently. I was clinically obese, but I hadn’t made an effort to change that. I was happy. I had amazing parents and awesome friends who loved me, regardless of my size. I didn’t feel the need to lose weight. Over time, I developed various health problems, but that still didn’t drive me to start eating healthy. One day in January 2012, out of nowhere, I decided to step on a scale. I saw a number I never wanted to see. I weighed 306 pounds. I knew I was overweight, but I never thought I would ever weigh over 300 pounds. At that moment, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle, not for anyone else, but for myself and for my health.

I researched various healthy foods I could eat and I began counting my calories daily. I was living on campus at URI when I started my weight loss journey, so I was eating in dining halls for each meal. It was challenging, but I found healthier options and I stuck to them. After four months, at the end of the spring semester of my sophomore year, I had lost 50 pounds just by eating healthier foods. I hadn’t even begun to exercise yet.

When I returned home for summer break, I joined a local gym. I began to exercise, learning more and more along the way. When I moved back to school, I lived in an off-campus house and began to cook for myself. I joined a gym up there as well. By October 2012, I had officially lost 100 pounds. I continued to learn more about nutrition and fitness as they started to become passions of mine. By October 2013, I officially lost 150 pounds. I always felt beautiful, but now, it truly shone through. I felt amazing and so incredibly proud of myself, knowing that I achieved my goal. I overcame obesity. I did it.

Since losing my weight and creating an incredibly healthier lifestyle, I grew passionate about nutrition and fitness. I have learned so much more about healthy eating and exercise. I am now an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer with a Weight Management certification as well. Now, my dream is to help others to live a healthier lifestyle. Through my videos and posts, I want to help you to live the healthiest life you can. No matter if you are already at a healthy weight, or if you’re looking to lose weight, I am here to help inspire you and empower you. I never thought I could do it, but I did. And so can you. My weight loss journey proved to me that anything is possible. So let’s get healthy together!

xo Bri