My Experience Standing Up to a Weight-Shaming Bully

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Today, on the New York City subway, I witnessed a lady loudly insulting a man who was a little overweight, saying very mean things for the entire train to hear, all while the man was only about ten feet away. I used to weigh over 300 pounds, so I know how it feels to be discriminated against for simply being overweight, and it’s not okay. Unfortunately, the man got off the train before I could talk to him, but I decided to politely talk to the woman and voice my emotions. Watch the video to hear my story told right after it all happened. I’m still a little shaken up in the video, as I recorded it as soon as I walked in the door, but I am very proud that I said what I said and I hope it will change her actions in the future.

The most important thing about my approach was that I stayed calm and talked to her politely and peacefully. We can reduce the amount of bullying through kind actions in a peaceful manner. Sometimes, people just don’t realize the power of their words. I hope that one day, people who are overweight will not judged simply for their physical appearance. I have experienced this judgment firsthand. It’s crazy to now live life on the opposite side of the spectrum and be an outsider on these types of situations. No matter what, we can try and stop bullying if we do it with kindness.

Please watch my video and share it to spread positivity and an anti-bullying story. You might just help save someone’s day or even their life.

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