Monday Affirmation: I Will Always Make Time for Exercise


This affirmation is one that I need to say out loud every day. Now that I work full time, it’s much harder to fit the gym in my schedule. My office is about an hour commute from my place and by the time I get home, I often lack the energy or desire to leave my comfy couch. At times like these, I need to remember to prioritize. Exercise is extremely important to me and I love the way it makes me feel. Whether I need to eat an energizing snack right before I leave work, or if I need to bring my gym clothes with me, I plan to figure out a way to make time for my workout. Laziness often tries to conquer my day once I get home, but I know that if I set my mind to it, I can muster up my energy and exercise. On days where getting to the gym is more difficult, at-home workouts are an efficient alternative. Just remember, it’s mind over matter. If you’re dealing with this issue too, remember that you’re not alone. We can achieve our goals together! Say this affirmation out loud to help it become true in your life. Reply with a method that helps you to get to the gym during those moments that it seems unlikely! Happy Monday!


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