Monday Affirmation: Today Will Be an Amazing Day


Share this with someone who needs to hear it! This is an affirmation that I’ve been saying out loud for a while. It’s definitely helped to keep me in positive spirits, so I decided to share it with you. When life throws a curveball at you, it’s so important to try and keep yourself in a positive mindset so that your negative emotions do not overcome you. I can’t remember exactly when I began speaking this affirmation aloud, but I notice that whenever I say it, something amazing ends up occurring. It could be the smallest thing, such as a compliment from a boss or coworker, a train coming right when you arrive at the platform, or even being able to find the time to watch your favorite movie. Happy things can become so much better and have a bigger influence on your life if you label them amazing. It helps me to smile more at the little things. I try to say this affirmation every morning as soon as I get up to give myself a positive start and in hopes that it will continue to be a great day. Remember that you alone are in charge of your mindset. Instead of waking up with a negative outlook, say this affirmation out loud to help it become true in your life. Have a beautiful Monday my loves!