Black Coffee Transition 101: How to Make the Switch from Cream & Sugar to Calorie-Free

You asked, I delivered! Many of you on Instagram requested that I make a video detailing how to easily transition from drinking coffee that’s filled with cream and sugar to drinking it just plain black! I put together a 5-step process on transitioning to drinking black coffee, which is a negligible 5 calories, instead of calorie-dense creamed and sugared java, which can cost you upwards of 150-320+ calories on average! 

Making this change will save you SO many calories in the long run. Assuming your daily iced coffee contains 150 calories, that means that after 1 week, you will have consumed 1,050 calories simply from your morning joe. If you drank black iced coffee, after one week, you will have consumed about 35 calories total. What a huge difference! It’s definitely worth making this change. Honestly, I love the taste of black coffee SO much better, too. Watch the video to learn how to do it yourself! I promise that you can do it!

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