A Healthy Holiday Season

It’s not easy for me to admit that last holiday season, I overindulged so much that I ended up gaining a little weight. Fortunately, with […]

Proper Form: Bicep Curl

If you’re curious how to properly and safely perform a bicep curl, watch this video! I’ll show you how to work your biceps brachii efficiently […]

Love Yourself

This topic is extremely important to me. I’m officially starting a movement called Love Yourself. In today’s society, many people feel pressured to look “flawless” […]

Scary Sugary Beverages

Many of the beverages on the American market contain way too much sugar! People don’t always consider the amount of sweetener in their drinks and […]

Be Aware of Serving Sizes

On certain packaged foods, some companies will sometimes list serving sizes smaller than the individual sized package. For example, some protein bars’ serving sizes are […]

Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! It’s a day filled with family, friends, and delicious food. You shouldn’t feel that you have to restrict yourself, so here’s […]

Surprise Sugar

Some products that you wouldn’t think have any sweetener in them in fact contain added sugar, whether it’s for taste or for shelf life. Since […]